Tuesday, 17 December 2013

I love the smell of artbooks in the.... evening.

I finally cracked open my copy of The Sky, the Amano Final Fantasy Artbook that I bought at FanExpo.... over three months ago. No idea why I delayed. Whatever.

But, ahhhh, it's so pretty...! Not to mention smells amazing. I don't know what it is about artbooks. Maybe it's something in the glue or finish on the glossy pages they all have, but every artbook I own just has this.... wonderful smell aroma to it.

Part of the reason I am so reluctant to switch my allegiances to e-readers is the smell.You just can't get that delightful paper and ink scent on a tablet. That, I like having a small library.

Back to the artbook. I love that man's work. From a costumer's point of view, it's a nightmare to unravel in order to turn into something textile but his Screw-Physics-I-Have-Majestic-Ideas is quite admirable. It has some excellent shots of Asura to use, once I get the nerve to actually make that costume.

I also just reread The Night Circus the other day, Which, if you haven't read, it's is a very enjoyable book and visually yummy. Though turning it into a movie or series might ruin the whimsy, I'd love to see an art department tackle that sucker.

After much pondering, I realized the monochromatic and red theme of the revelers and performers falls dangerously close to my old "Gothic ball" idea from yesteryear. Correct era, applicable thematic.... it's something to consider if that project ever has a chance to come into fruition.

Now I must return to working on my Christmas shopping list, which - is not as bleak as it was a few hours ago.

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