Saturday, 7 December 2013


Just got home from the One of a Kind Sale downtown. Enjoyable as always, not very busy thought which is nice for walking around, but you do want to see the vendors doing well. I partook in some wares, a few treats for Christmas and such as well as getting myself a nice pendant to go on my silver torque.

It's always interesting to see what the popular items are. Beeswax candles were big this year. Leather, as always. Looks like shabby chic has plateaued a bit, though. Spring show had tons of it, not so much here. 

I always find it inspiring of a place to go. This is first sale I've attended since having a booth of my own at Animenorth, so while I am light years away from selling at place like that, I feel I'm part of the family a little. (Sitting at the kids table, of course.) It makes me really, really want to have a booth again. I've gotten a taste for it, and I want another go around.

So I will patiently wait for FanExpo's information to come online, and fight for another spot at Animenorth (who I really hope expands their crafter's corner section. There's so many crafter's out there that would love to share their wares.) Of course, I still have a lot of inventory to make. Slowly. Slowly.

In other thoughts, I have come to accept that my fandoms are influencing my wardrobe. There is a suspiciously increasing amount of blue in my clothing, that can only be attested to a certain blue box. Also, I gleefully enjoy wearing plaid. Though, I suppose it's also because I've been denied the perfect hoser shirt for quite some time and now that I have found it, I'm making up for lost time.

..... I wonder if I should sacrifice my old tired one and turn it into a corset top....there's probably enough fabric for that....? Or maybe I should ransack Good Will? Other than that one plaid at Fabricland, I've had the same connection to any of the others I saw there. But, the seasons have changed since I last was there so maybe there is something new. Provided it's cheap enough. hmhmhmhm.....

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