Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Oh, headcanons.....

So. Supernatural.

(Fresh off the Mid-season finale. To say that it was painful would be a minor understatement. I haven't seen that much swearing on tumblr....ever. Life was so much simpler before I was a Superwholocker.)


I want a Supernatural Steampunk episode. Terribly, horrible cliché, I know. But I remember back in Season 4, I think when Samuel Campbell mentioned that their family had been Hunters since the Mayflower. From the 1600s onwards...that's a lot of family business there. Add in a little of the Victorian era? Steampunk Hunters. I'm sure there is a magnificent plotline to be had there. Not one, I'd dare writing but still.

It's weird that I haven't seen it done in cosplay though. I mean....everything gets Steampunk'd. Unless I've missed it somewhere on the internet, but really, I'm surprised. Steampunk Impala for instance.

Of course, being me, I'm currently designing a female Dean Steampunk. (Chuck, Moofy, how far are you willing to go off of source material?) Not sure how I'd want it to look. I'd take the style out of the natural form era. I admit, I'm partial towards it, but it seems like less fuss for a hunter to wear without all the extra bustle. Now there's two versions of Dean I see; Plaid shirt wearing or green jacket with t-shirt wearing. It would interesting to take either of those looks, and those material types and use them to make a Victorian style outfit. Fantail skirt, made in worn distressed denim rather than silks. Bodice made of plaid. Or if you go with the jacket look, a capelet made of cotton twill. It's an interesting idea.

Then there's the idea of just doing a generic steampunk hunter. Really, I just want a corselette with the anti possession symbol on it. It'd be neat.

Ah well, just throw that idea in with the rest.

Maybe if I ever attend a Supernatural Con? And, wishful thinking.

Onwards to other thoughts.

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