Monday, 2 December 2013

Catching Fire Couture

I finally saw Catching Fire on the weekend. (So many movies being released around this time!) I was quite eagerly awaiting the second installment of series, since I really enjoyed the book and was quite impressed with the first movie.
And, I really liked it. Sure there's things that are always left out when adapting, which does have to happen especially when switching narratives. But the acting and mood was just....right. It worked for the world that the movieverse was creating. Great job team, Moofy approves. I will eagerly awaiting you to take on the next book.

One thing that I like, that had nothing to do with acting, but merely a graphic choice. The evolution of the mockingjay emblem at the end of the credits. I got shivers from that, oddly enough. I want all three as pins. I have the first, I demand the rest.

What Moofy really approved, though, was the costumes.

Sweet Babylock Sewing Machines.


Effie Trinket. Thank you for having a different costume every time you disappeared off camera. They didn't need to do it. But they did. Because they could. And if you are going to show off how insanely... weird the Capitol is, you did it wonderfully. The Monarch Dress. The Alexander McQueen Monarch Dress.

I want one. And the fascinator. Which I could make. The Hat.... not the dress. That's a lot of feathers.

Also, Katniss's feather epaulettes of justice. The black and red ones with her....roman battle dress, I'll call it. That also goes on the want list.

I was really hoping that the official movie companion was going to have much larger section on the costuming aspect of the movie. I saw it in the store today, and flipped through it, and there was barely any stills. Very disappointing. Looks like I'm going to have to wait until the interwebs gifs the bajeezus out of the movie, or until it comes out of DVD so I can screen cap all the shots. Pity. There would have been a nice space for an another artbook on my shelf.

HINT HINT Movie People.

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