Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Further thoughts of a Hunter

Carrying on from earlier wayward thoughts. (Re: Steampunk Hunter, Dean Inspired)

As I mentioned before, I'd make the skirt natural form, I do believe. I feel the lack of excessive bustle and train is much more suited to a hunter. A lady may not wear jeans, but a proper skirt for the era perhaps made of anachronistic denim would be trés bonne.

Truly Victorian Fantail Skirt
Make it floor length, but I might try the double gather effect on this one. I did the single gather for my phoenix dress with the full train, but maybe adding the double will spruce up the floor length style a bit. I think I will flat felt the seams on it, with contrasting top-stitching to really give the effect that it's really just a victorian pair of Levis. Maybe same with the gathering point at the centre back. On the fence how I'd trim the skirt. Historically speaking, if the skirt was worn just as is, it would be trimmed within an inch of its life, but since this is a hunter skirt... not sure. The only issue with not trimming it, would be losing too much Victorian style, and making it look just like a weird skirt. Unless I do some sort of overskirt.... thought really for once, I'd like an outfit that isn't more than 7 yards of material on my person. Not mention denim isn't lightweight. Eh, I'll think on it. Also pockets. Jeans have pockets. Hunters have pockets.

Other things to think of; props. It is my accepted headcanon that a lady hunter wouldn't carry around a silver knife. A silver hat pin, sharp as diamond on the other hand, would be most excellent. Wonder if you could work sigils into that... Hm,. hm, hm.

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