Sunday, 10 February 2013

Blood has been spilled this...afternoon.

Totally just stabbed meself in me bleedin' thigh with the sewing needle. That's a new one.

The blood price has been paid....again. So far running two for two on this costume. At least it's been on both red fabrics. Again.

Skirt is.....almost done. The only thing left besides the tack point, is the hemming. Which, as much as I am going to be complaining about it for next...several hours, I've decided to do by hand. As much as I dislike hemming, I dislike having to stitch rip a bad hem even more. And as I have said before, velvet is a shifty creature. So, we shall do a proper skirt hem! Last (and first) used on Lulu's dress in the summer. Way to use my recently acquired skill set! Yay!

So, I shall take the slow road and do it right. That's what they created iPods for.

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