Friday, 22 February 2013

Victory - Stage 1


We did it! We passed the first round of application acceptance for Crafter's Corner! I have no idea how fast it filled up (or perhaps, if it did) or how long the waiting list could be, but we did it!

I literally had my iPad open to a countdown clock, so I could press that send button on my laptop at like 8:00:00 pm. I hit it at 8:00:02, so I'd give respect to my reflexes.

Now, the work begins. They're sending out the actual formal applications in the next few days or so, so there's still that and payment and whatnot to work out, but it's on its way.

Time to make some stock.

We've got.... well, according to the con website, 12 weeks and 6 days until Animenorth. Three months. Three months to make stock and make good stock, like I have (lliterally) never made before.

And not just stock! We have table to design for the two of us. Business cards. A raw materials list and cost listing. Price tags. Gods, the price tags! The everythings! ALL THE THINGS.

I might be excited.


Okay. Tomorrow. Tomorrow, we (in the royal sense this time) plan. Pool our materials, work out what to buy... what we don't need to buy. What we need to create.

My workshop is going to be a disaster.



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