Thursday, 21 February 2013

What? Even more progress?

Yep. Petticoat is officially complete. And as adorably ruffly as I predicted. Plus, it sits a few centimetres higher than the over skirt, as I had tried for.

100% success all around!

Now, I am sitting with a bowl of half chocolate peanut butter cup half mint chocolate cup ice cream, mentally patting myself on the back.

Not bad for a Thursday night.

Tomorrow is the big day for Operation Get-a-table, so I best ready my email draft.

Oh, and my sonic screwdriver came in. <3 So, I set myself to building 10th's, and then since I hadn't remember to do so, 11th's that came with the DVD gift set.

Fun Fact 1! You need a screwdriver to load the batteries into the screwdriver. Derp Herp.

Fun Fact 2! I couldn't get the sealing tape off the package of 11th's, and instinctively grabbed 10th's and fired it at the package in hopes that it would open it. It didn't work. I can only assume it was deadlock sealed. It did, however, renew my geek membership to gold status, incase I had any doubt. (Which, really, I didn't.)

Now then, on to that draft.

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