Sunday, 10 February 2013

That accomplished feeling.

Alright! I feel I accomplished stuff this weekend. Random things, but accomplished none the less.

Red's skirt, is basically done. The hemming went pretty okay. It did take a few hours, but things like reality does interupt things. Like brownies. Best kind of reality, really.

I might need to adjust the waist a little, after it all comes together since it might be a little large, but that's really just involves moving a snap or two. I'll be able to tell better once the underskirt and overbodice is all done and I can check the layering. Just need to sew on the tack point, which I'll do tomorrow when daylight has returned to me.

...even though it will be dark when I get home from work.


I rewarded myself with the Game of Thrones S2 preorder. And then rewarded my pricing research prowress with  ordering 10th's sonic screwdriver. ...which I only waited this long, since I needed something else to make it qualify for free shipping.


I also am developing a slight obsession with acquring the perfect plaid shirt. Plaid is a very personal pattern, and frankily all the women's shirts out there, as well as the fabric in the fabric stores is terrible. The plaid should be victorious, not froo froo or ugly. It has to speak to you. The only thing the ones in store are say to me is: "Dust Rag!" Having said that, in wandering around the men's wear section helping (without avail) my mother trackdown a jacket for my father, I discovered the plethora of plaid. Seriously? So unfair. Ergo, if I find my forever plaid, I shall merely acquire it, and introduce it to my dear friends, the stitch ripper and pincushion and taper that badboy. Genius.

Onwards to Monday.

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