Sunday, 3 February 2013

Velvet fluff. EVERYWHERE.

I've never used crushed velvet before. It's another tick mark to add to fabric tally. It's a lovely rich material, with such a sumptuous texture to it. In the red colour I'm using? Gorgeous.

But by the Gods of Cosplay, does it ever fluff. I was overlocking the edges of the skirt gores before I stitched them together, and fluff everywhere. I swear I have it in my sinuses, to which I will forget about it, and start sneezing out textiles tomorrow; much to my own confusion. I then take one look at my poor machine and realize how much more fluff covered the surface and insides of my baby.

Turn to page 126 of manual. "Cleaning your machine."

Cue the tender vacuuming of my baby after the delicate removal of the bobbin casing, needle plate, race etc. Could have woven a second skirt out of it. At least it's better now.

Overlocking is finished at any rate. Now I can sew the skirt together. Shouldn't take long, since it's just three panels and a waist band. Modifiying said waistband though since I don't want all the extra material that a drawsting waist would give, so I'll do the standerd gathering into waistband method I've done for...everything.

I think I need some sort of petticoat though. Not too sure how to make it per say, since I don't really want crinoline, just a second skirt in cotton to give it body, and to keep it clean. I could make the skirt again, but in cotton, though I might add an extra panel to it. Little ruffle on the end. Could work. Means another trip to fabricland, for hopefully highly discounted cotton since at worse I'd need 4ms or so. Love to keep it under $20 but who knows.

...I wonder if Zellers and their closing madness has sheets on sale. That would totally work....

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