Saturday, 9 February 2013

Screw the budget, I have....fabric.

So much for keeping Red's petticoat cheap.

Instead of cheap cotton with a basic hem, I ended up with ivory eyelet and two matching eyelet pregathered trims of two different widths to go on the hem because frankily having an untrimmed hem is appauling in my mind.


However, I feel like if the petticoat does work out the way it will in my mind, (Dear gods, I hope so...) it might work as a pettcoat for underneath a natural form skirt. I might be able to modify it in such a way that all the fullness of the skirt can be shifted to the back. In theory at any rate.

Getting there with Red's actual skirt. The waistband has been hand basted to the main skirt sections, (since velvet is a shift shift fabric) after being pleated ferociously to get some of the fullness under control. Machine stitch that tomorrow and what not and then I can start on hemming it.

Yay. I hate hemming. It always puckers.


Also got the brown ribbon casing and the closures for Red's bodice. Which I think is almost everything I need. I don't have the lacing ribbon for the back yet, but seeing as I don't have any idea how much I need, that can wait. Those fiesty mauve shoelaces I have on my dresser will work in the meanwhile.

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