Monday, 18 February 2013

Petticoat Junction

Mmmmph. Much needed coffee break. Been chugging away at it for a few hours on Red's petticoat, though I'm rather pleased with how it's going.

(Save for the rather spectacular three finger pin attack that cause a halt until the bleeding stopped. Ivory fabric is much less forgiving than red....)

I find it somewhat amusing that this petticoat is turning out prettier than the overskirt. Not that there's anything wrong with the velvet skirt, mind you. But adding in that extra panel and pleating the waist made it hang so nicely. Just have the trimming to do, which is going to take a while since I need to hand baste the two seperate ruffles together, but nothing difficult about it.

The last step after that is sewing on its own hook and eye for the uptack point and it will be good to go. It's a bit sheer to wear on its own, seeing as it is, techincally an underskirt but it's kinda tempting. Either way, should be able to get it finished by the end of the week. Then it's bodice time.

Ah well. Mug's empty. Back to it.

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