Sunday, 17 March 2013

Back to it.

Well, after a nice weekend away, visiting my old housemate from University, it's time to go back to work. On the plus side, March Break is officially over. And peace returns to the world. So does the functionality of my itunes updater, after two hours of trying to figure out why it was being useless. Now only if gmail would stop being a prat.

The goals, for this week would be:

1. Finish pressing out the next set of cuff bases (blue and tan) and seal the edges of those, and the tester wrap cuff.
2. Lovingly grommet all the things.
3. Trim the lovingly grommeted things.
4. Take stock of all that has been made, determine what to make more of, and as such, make it.

My outlying goal for this, is to be finished creating stock by the first of May. That way, I can take the time to fine tune things, finish my own costumes and other such Animenorth related things. That's about a month and a half, balancing work, tutoring, and other important things like coffee nights, and TV.

Totally workable.

Onwards to Monday.

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