Thursday, 28 March 2013


The good and bad thing about having this table, is that having never done this before, nothing is set in stone. I am making things up as I go along, changing styles and ideas as I sew, grommet and pay the blood price. The downside is that I seem to making very slow progress on the finished accessories.

Finished: Those same 3 lace wraps, two blue and tan sets, two black and red sets.... and that's it. More waiting in the wings, mind. The black and white ones are pushed to the back burner because I'm not satisfied with them, and then I ended up making another fabricland trip for more fun fabrics, since I'm running with a current motif that seems to be working. So now there's two brown ones, and two beige ones, about to be trimmed, and four more pairs of other fabrics basted and waiting to be sewn.

But the four pairs that are done...look amazing. I'm really happy how they turned out. Far better than they were going to be originally. Perhaps these will sell after all!

In other news: Secret Project Viridian is underway. A true experimentation in accessory design.... no idea how they'll turn out but that's part of the fun of these.

One of a kind sale this weekend and then Doctor Who on Satuday. (*fangirlish scream*) Easter stuff too. Add some sewing as she's full already.

At least I get three days off... :D

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