Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Queen St. Quest

I'd say Operation Get-stuff-on-Queen St. was a success. It was a lovely day, there was a lovely lunch, and we bought findings and trims for our booth. I think I have good bases for a bunch of accesorries now. Not everything I need but a good solid start. In summary:

1. Lunch at The Red Tea Box, on Queen St. West. Go there. It's wonderful. It's a fun place, and the food is wonderful. Must go back if just for the Cinnamon Plum Tisane, not to mention Ashley's mighty cake of justice she ordered.

2. Findings: Got some braiding, and some lace. Still need to get (if it comes in it) a white version of the pleat trim I've used in black before. Picked up some aligator clips for the hair, some feather charms and pendants for the wrap around cuffs. No luck getting rabbits. Seriously. No rabbits at all. Rather disappointed in that.

3. Fabric - I managed to find a linen that looks nearly spot on to 11th's tweed jacket. It's finer in the weave....obviously since it's linen, but it's got the same look, down to that orange stripe. They only had a scant yard of it left, though I bargained $10 for the yardage, rather than $19, which I couldn't justify. Should be perfect for some Whovian Spats.

4. Ribbon - Not on sale. Not pleased, though I had a coupon to shave it down a bit. Picked up silver and white, though I was wanting brown, red and gold as well. I'll have to wait it out, or coupon horde.

So, excellent day, and some good shopping. Need to do a few more trips around for some other things, but ah, it was nice to get some fresh air with friends.

My budget book is up to date for each material, as well, so I can precisely determine my cost for each accessory made. All seems nicely controlled.

But I seriously need to make stuff now.


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