Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Or, rather malletspace.

Whatever. Mallet and I were bonding this evening. Together we applied grommets to both blue and tan, and the first of the black and white cuffs. We worked pretty well together. Little wobbly at first, but we're working on it. Mallet has some dents in it though. I might be hitting the hole punch too hard. Eh, learning curve.

Should be able to knock off the rest of the black and white sets tomorrow before work. The rest of them, I have to decide on which colour to use, though it might depend on the trimmings I use. Maybe I'll trim these ones first then experiment on the rest....

Had some glimmers of ideas for the Pattern Contest of Costume Con, and my Thistledown steampunk get up. Nothing....concrete, just glimmers. Attempted to sketch out the ideas. Reminded myself quickly why I never majored in art.

Now, off to watch Shakespeare stuff. I've developed an interest in it again, however High School English class of days long ago tried to squash.

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