Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Okay, so getting there with making product.

 I've got three single wrap cuffs made (white with silver, white with green), one completed laced cuff pair (purple), and 6 pairs waiting in the wings (white with white, red and black, black and white). Once the grommet setter gets delievered, I can set those 6, trim them and move on to some more. I'll probably make few blues ones, some more purple once I get some more scrap fabric from Ash's stockpile, and some green.

Spats to follow in those same schemes for the most part, with addition of 11th's spats. Experiments in a second type of wrap cuff in different colours than the previous, will be next as well. I also need to test the pin/hairclip idea I had during work.

Supplies are good, though I might need some lining for the wedgewood blue cuffs, if I don't have enough of that neutral colour, and I do need some lining for the purple still, but the only purple lining is 18.00/m and that's way way too high at the moment. Need to wait that one out.

Slowly but surely...

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