Saturday, 9 March 2013

Springing forward.

Just changed the clock. So not tired enough to warrent how late it now is.

I just looked in the mirror, and realized I have the mad scientist hair going on. Help considerably by the hat I was wearing all day, it is truly a sight to behold. However, the hair merely a byproduct of the creativity.

Finished the bases for the two pairs of white lace full cuffs, and I need to work on some trimming ideas, but I also experimented with a sort of lacey wrap around cuff that ties with a single ribbon, that uses the really wide vintage lace I found. I need some....thingies to decorate it, but it looks kinda cute. Much more delicate that the more corset-like lace ups of the full cuffs. Should have enough lace to make.... 6, probably. Might need some more of the wide ribbon. There's another piece of slightly narrower cream lace I could get another 3 out of. No idea if I can find that in any of the stores, so I hope they turn out. Might end up being slightly one of a kind due to the limiting reagent.

No idea how much to make overall. 10 pieces? 25 pieces? 50? Better too much than too many? Enough to cover the table cost and then some kick back? No idea.

Mmm... there was something else.... can't remember though.

Oh. Pennies. Right. Must experiment on pennies.

Sandstorm by Darude is my sewing song right now. The backbeat reminds me of the sewing maching rhythm.... at least when I sew.

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