Thursday, 7 March 2013

Math. And Rabbits.



So. This weekend is turning into a notion blitz weekend. Fabric stores, craft stores, you name it, there is the plan to hit that. I need to be ready. I require precise measurements to work out the cost per accessory ratios. My haute couture production line must have rigid control to minimize waste. This means Math.

And Rabbits. Rabbits for the accessories.
Not...real ones. Material or metal ones. Bespoke like.

Each cuff requires 50cm of trim.
Each spat requires 110cm of trim.
Specialty side lacing for spats is 50cm.

Plus how many can be made of a measure of material. Factoring in patterned versus plain material.

And I just totally bought an industrial quality #00 grommet installer with brass and silver grommets. Because I enjoy pounding the snot out of material with my rubber mallet.

...I must work out the grommet charge with the shipping overhead.

Math. Needs more math.

Where's my calculator...?

I hope we get confirmation soon, 'cause Canada Post likes to lose things on me.

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