Monday, 4 March 2013

The tally, please

I have completed....

Wait for it.

One cuff.



So, I haven't quite made the progress I was intending. I partially blame it on having never mass produced anything before, and therefore I am still getting the hang of establishing what I want them to have on them, how many to make, what's the fastest way to make them etc etc.

... The one I made looks good, though. Like a little wrist corset or something.

Ohhhh! I did finally try using my new grommet installer kit, that has the often reccomended two piece grommets/washers rather than the fabricland special. SUCH a difference. There's no rough edges. It's...smooth. No more fraying ribbon. And I was rather quite enjoying pounding holes into the fabric. Much gentler on the hands than the stab and awl method I've had to use in the past.

One again, people, the right tools, makes the job easier. Just sayin'.

I've got a few more pieces prepped for trimming at least. Might be able to make a few more of the current style I've started before trying something new. Not to mention finishing Red's bodice as well.

Ah well, it's a learning proccess. My goal is to make back what I've spent basically. So long as I can do that, I'm happy.

And maybe pay for my ticket. That would be nice.

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