Friday, 30 August 2013

Satisfaction. Just add Fabric.

After a looooooong day at work, nothing is better than a trip to the mighty Fabricland. (Intel: 50% off sale in the next few weeks.)

1. Got the 60s pattern. It should work well.
2. Checked into zipper. Saw one I liked. Will wait for sale.
3. There was a nice plaid. I bought some of the nice plaid.
4. Blue Corduroy for $3/m. Hello Tardis Spats. Guess I can now make you again to sell since I have the fabric to make more than, well, two pairs. We're in business again. *grooves*

I can always tell when Right Brain is the one in control. My grammar gets truncated and my writing voice changes. But she's the creative one, so I'll let her be.

My new project needs a code name. I shall call it....Project Powertrain Warranty.

That is all.

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