Wednesday, 21 August 2013

FanExpo Prep.

Have I mentioned how weird it is, that I am not actively finishing up a costume for competition? Usually at this time, I am in a froth of loose thread clipping and crippling self-doubt. Instead...I'm dragging out previously made creations, and airing away the scent of garments bags and time.

I feel like I should be stressed. I am not, which is why I am tense. Costuming has no logic here.

It's a very full living room right now. It's a sea of various shades of green, gold and accessories. Both CoCo and Mi-Co are half dressed, while other parts of my costumes air out while hanging outside on umbrellas or perch precariously off door knobs. And I am also fretting at to which pieces I have forgotten to pull out of the depth of time. There is make-up to unearth, over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders to adjust. Wallets and money need to be slimmed down for easy carrying, a shopping list for snackables and at least I have a Presto pass now, I don't have to fumble for ticket money while in a whimsical creation of silk and crinoline 'cause frankly, it just freaks the mundanes.

So...pretty much right on target.

Still need to do a bank run, baking run, and ensure my tutoring notes are ready to go admist the neverending notions by Thursday.

(And finish the last two episodes of Supernatural)

And then, all will be ready for FanExpo.

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