Saturday, 31 August 2013

Just thoughts

1. I might be able to locate a key accessory for Project Powertrain Warranty at the mall. This could make things potientially much easier, and even cheaper than expected.

2. If I am pleased with said Project, than I will wear it for Halloween. Not that anyone outside of its respective fandom will have any idea what it's from. Whatever. Halloween is for those that celebrate it.

3. I need to figure out the Costume Con hotel. How many days I can afford to attend, etc. Programming runs from Friday morning until Monday afternoon. That's at least, a Friday, Saturday, Sunday experiance. Three nights for sure. I don't think I can justify doing the Thursday, however famous that would be. Have to figure out where the cost cutting would be, in order to do it all. I mean, the old convention method of bringing all the food possible wouldn't hurt....but really that's how it's been for years with Animenorth. Fingercrossed, we can get Animenorth/Fanexpo Artist Alley booth, I'll at least have something to throw against it. ....Be better if I could sell enough stuff somehow before hand to offset it.

4. The next month or so is going to be very busy with things, but I'm getting the itch to make booth things. Starting earlier would be a huge plus, but not having a confirmed table makes me hestiant about wasting time if we don't get one. Techincally Costume Con is before either of those two but booth things take a whole lot less time to make than my current costume agenda.

5. Note to self: Look for Tardis underskirt fabric at Fabricland during the sale. Especially if I need 8 metres of the stuff. That's all.

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