Thursday, 1 August 2013

...Uh..... Wow, where did that month go?

So... I may or may not have completely ignored my own blog for a month. Hardly intentional, I swear! I've been... busy. Tutoring, work, and perhaps even a much needed vacation. Doesn't really at up to consistent updating the past while.

C'est la vie, desu ka. (Yes, I will butcher two languages.)

Anyways, so what brought me back? FanExpo. (Have you SEEN the guest list? Oh me goodness...) Or more importantly, cosplaying at FanExpo.

Or rather, the lack. Like Animenorth, which was devoted to Artist Alley, Fanexpo is just close enough to other things that require my attention, and close enough to Costume Con that I have to choose my budgeting. I, on a mental or conscious grey matter level understand this.

The five year old child that operates the right side of my brain does not, and is making itself known. I can only explain it like a whole side of my brain is staring at me with an expectant: O___O Expression. It's very awkward.

So what do I do? Well, I have my game of thrones dress. It's easy to wear, more comfortable that most of my cosplays. So I know I will wear that. ....And then the right side of my brain cheerfully adds in:

"You should change the accessories around. It needs more dakka. Then it will be good enough."

Thanks brain. So, now I'm mulling like a wine over what new things I can add to the robe, so it's just a wee bit different. Perhaps, a cuff in my own design, and then many many bangles. Maybe a different necklace. Maybe a necklace from a different cosplay that will bring different gold tones.


Major enough that it's a project. Minor enough to be able to complete in the no time I have until FanExpo.

Yep. Sounds about right.

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