Saturday, 24 August 2013

FanExpo Uno - Dos

I am officially two days into Fanexpo with just one to go. For all that I will be tired and broke by the end of it, I always hate when its over.

So: A Mid-convention Report.

Panels: I've attending several so far. Actor wise, we saw George Takei, Nichelle Nichols and Zachary Quinto - all fantastic. I attended the 20 anniversary Sailor Moon panel (delightfully nostalgic - we sang round of the theme song, of course.) and partook in learning the fine art of Tea Dueling.

I kid you not. It is a sanctioned event for deciding delicate matters through grace and manners. And tea. Which I love.

Shopping: Amano's The Sky Final Fantasy Art belongs to me, and I've taken to purchasing tokens of my fandoms. A dalek pin, a trifore ring, and Dean's amulet belong to me as well.

Tomorrow: Nathan Fillion, the tail end of Stephen Amell. Some more shopping, both fandom related and delightfully shiny things.

Wore my Thistledown dress today. Got some nice comments on it again and a few pictures, but man is that thing hot to wear after a while. By the end of the day, I have enough of it. Love it, but removing it is often a relief. Game of Thrones robe tomorrow, which is much more managable. Though, I will discard the mini purse for my small backpack for easier carrying of stuff.

That's.... it for the moment. Hopefully a good sleep tonight for the final day of FanExpo!

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