Monday, 5 August 2013

Suddenly, I am productive again.

I actually have taken advantage of my extra day off.

I am now half done the first of my two commissions, and really the half left is just afixing it to the headband...once I find it. Plus I have the pieces and the idea for the next one. I should be done by the the end of next weekened, providing I can get that headband downtown next Saturday. Hurrah for me!

Plus, I have started and almost finished my own set of flowers for my dress to wear at FanExpo. I also located the jewelery for my other other dress. Scattered and out of order, I complete tasks nonetheless.

Things I must do:

Finished both comissions, and my own.
Repair and wash my crinoline.
Check gown for repairs.

Finish this week's tutoring notes, and get started on next weeks.

In no particular order mind, as my tutoring needs to come first. Though... I am also finished. Just a few more slides.

Hm hmhm....

I need more music. Time to iTumes.
And, I am no idea why, but I really love "My songs know what you did in the dark." by Fall Out Boy. Something in the phrasing of the music. I hardly notice the words, but the rhythm is.... interesting. Ah wells, on to it.

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