Sunday, 25 August 2013

FanExpo Day 3 roundup

As I yawn jawcrackingly, I reflect over the weekend. 'Twas good times had by all, and most certainly, me.

Attending the Walking Dead panel with the others, as I waited for the next. While I only know a teeny bit of the show, the cast seems to love working with each other, which is always nice to see.

And then it was Nathan Fillion time. That man does not disappoint. He is terribly cheeky, has that sauve nerdishness and just an honestly good man. My favourite Q and A of the con. After that I bolted to catch the last few minutes of Stephen Amell which overlapped sadly enough. At least there was still some seats off to the side. Sounds like the next season of Arrow will be great.

After that.... shopping really. Picked up a Zelda Heart Piece necklace, a Mockingjay pin, a Moonglow pendant, some buttons to represent my current fandoms, and ordered an Okami shirt to be delivered. They were out of Teacarinas though.

So....yeah. Good times. Really good times, really. ...I am getting repetative. Tiredness does that to a woman. Sad it's over, and looking forward to the next con.

Onwards to Costume Con!

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