Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Setting the stage

With the advent of prepping for the upcoming year's crafter's booth, my mind has been focusing on our booth design. Our booth at Animenorth was really good. For our first con, I think we were both pleased how we set it up. The tablecloth colour worked, our usage of height gave us the effect we wanted. All in all, a good first try. Now we know what works, and what doesn't.

So now, if we get our next chance at Boothdom, we want to make it more. In addition to noting the products everyone was selling, I think both of us were keeping an eye on how everyone set their stands up.

The booth that stood out the most for me, was a wooden creation that one guy had put together. It was like a newsstand or printer's press construct that sat on the table base. It was completely unlike anything else around it. I remembered it. That's the kind of punch I want. While I'm not aiming for a recreation of the Roman Coliseum, I want something that has people go: "Oh, I bought this at the booth that had ________." Remember able.

We need colour and theme. We need height. We something that works with our products but shows them off. We need something unlike everyone else around us. So, wielding all the artistic talent I posses (not much. There is a reason I didn't take fine art in school.) I grabbed that scrap of receipt paper from work and I created Booth Design #1.

Not bad for a first attempt. I then tried to recreate it at home on a full sized piece of paper, having access to thing like rulers and erasers as opposite whiting out the ink blobs when I had to redraw a line. Let's just say the drawing was a one hit wonder, and tools only make it worse. Scrap-o-paper wins this time around. But I have a design! Now to come up with some more.

In other news, the slow progress of flower pin production is, well, slow. But it is progressing. Glacial like.

Thursday comes.

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