Sunday, 15 September 2013

Button up.

I bought buttons.

That was... succinct.

Continuing on with my floral pins and such, I decided the buttons I have were not... eh, they were eh. So I took advantage of the 50% that fabricland offers me and...bought buttons. It was about interesting as it sounds. They were needed at least.

I did score some bezels for my TARDIS gown when I need to accessories her, thanks to Kashunga for knowing what the hell I was talking about when I was trying to mine out what they were. I won't need them for a while, but since I have them/know they exist I can now design an idea around them. I do have a vague idea of what I want to do, but it's only a basic shape at this point.

I also have decided that another accessory needs to be purchases for Project Power Train Warranty, more than likely off of Ebay. I'm not really an ebay shopper by nature being instinctively wary. But I have purchase my crinoline that way, and I will again from the same place, so I have yet to screwed over. Hopefully when I do order things, they will arrive on time. Though, since they would be coming in from the States, there shouldn't be too much processing time. Fabricland will be having a 50% off sale this coming weekend, so I should be able to get the material for the dress portion of the costume.

Also, I love chai tea. I am currently drinking a massive cup of it.

Onwards to other things.

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