Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Word.

I never really need an excuse to purchase new book. In fact, I am privately amused when I make excuses for why I buy a particular tomb of knowledge. Case in point, I've kind wanted a(nother) book on the night's sky, because the only little one I had was not full of enough OMGNEBULAS for my liking. It just so happened that I am currently tutoring my charges in Astronomy. What is a girl to do????

Atlas of the night's sky. I got it on sale. Go me.

Also, in true research style, I ventured to my local library and demolished the collect of costuming books, ranging around the 1960s era for Project Powertrain Warranty. I found a particularly awesome one, that was a collection of pages from the Sears catalogue from 1960-1969. I find it amusing of the things that have changed, and the things that have come back again - fabulously.

Goal for tonight; make list of things needed at fabricland since they're on sale this weekend. Reread through pattern again, because one of those steps doesn't make sense yet. Watch Face off on Space?


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