Tuesday, 24 September 2013


In true Moofingham form, I spent a part of the day, daydreaming critically designing my potiental zombie outfit for the Zombie walk. I've never been a zombie before, so it's an interesting concept. I don't really want to break the bank for it, since there are a world of expenses right now, but one cannot just not put SOME effort into it. And then my mind click on that brown torn jacket thingie that I use for so many projects. The one that came to mind was the shipwrecked victim I did oh gods many years ago.

Shipwreck zombie! Use a similiar outfit, and spruce it up with some seaweed plants in the hair, some shells as well, like I was dragged through the seafloor and then makeup. Pale (well, paler) out the face the face, add some circles under the eyes and such. Not too much in the ways of decomposition because saltwater is an excellent preservative, but just a bit. I'd drench myself in water if I could, but seeing as it's going to be late October that might not be the best idea. So, yeah. Doable. Especially since I already own most of the stuff I need sans the seaweed which I can get at work, and the makeup which maybe the group of us might be getting as group since we have a bunch of zombies we need to create. Cool.


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