Sunday, 29 September 2013

I need to stay away from Fabricland.

At that last sale, I saw a bolt of fabric I wanted. But, someone had put it on hold. The hold didn't say how much was being held....but it was sitting there. Held. Untouchable. And on a stupidly wonderful sale. There was woe. So, passing by yesterday during an errand run and a stop for a pumpkin spice latte (the elixir of the autumnal gods) I ventured inside and we tore the drapery section apart in hopes that the hold fell through. Or least random person x just wanted like 2 inches of the stuff.

Perhaps the autumnal gods (who are likely the patrons of the costuming world) were appleased by my promisary consumption of the aforementioned latte. The bolt was there. And had enough material on it for me...and likely someone else. And so, the only woe in the end was my VISA card's.

I must stop buying fabric. ... I was going to say I had too much, but I just bit my own tongue. There is never enough. Plus, I do know what I am going to make from it for a change. Unlike magpie-ing it for no reason other than I can.

And good news, my folio submission successfully mailed! I received the confirmation on friday. Now I shall cross my fingers, consume another latte, and hope its good enough to make it into the folio. Could you imagine if someone actually wanted to make it? I'd... I don't know. Shame my ancestors will all the freaking out I'd probably end up doing, heh.

Ah well. Onwards to Monday and a hopefully a productive week on my part.

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