Thursday, 5 September 2013

Preping for the season ahead.

It's about that time again.

The Con season approac----- wait. What? It doesn't?

No, maybe not, but it looks like the potiental for preparing for the booth season could be upon us earlier than I thought. Registration for Fanexpo's Indy Market could occur before the new year arises. If we could secure at least one convention to booth at before February roles around, it could be so much less stress than the last time, and more time for making product. The hard thing about Animenorth was the registration for that happened only a few months prior. I honestly don't know if Luck will be on our side again this for Animenorth (though I really, really hope they make Crafter's Market larger this year.....) but if we can get a yeah or nay for Fanexpo, at least we will know one way or another earlier.

Unfortunately, at this point there is nothing to do but wait it out. So, I've dove right back into my inventory control sheets and gotten them back up to snuff. All current inventory is plotted, any new purchases have been through against the potiental value of the current stock, as well as a targetted project of what running two (PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!) booths would cost. It's in the big fat red zone now, but not so bad I can't climb out of it, once we get the go ahead confirmations on having a table.

I don't recall if I have ever mentioned my spreadsheet before, but I am quite proud of it. Helps me control down to the penny what each items costs me, and gives me perspective of my profit. I crafted it with love and stolen formulas.

Ah, well. Nothing to do now but wait.

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