Sunday, 8 September 2013

100 Stitches

Well, hm.

I've committed 100 posts to this blog. 100 stitches in the great fabric of life. Personally I'm pleased that I've kept it up. I'm not the most consistent person when it comes to interwebz things. Let the stitches continue on....!

On the other side of the fabric - I satisfied the itch to start making something and hunkered down to rotary whirl out a set of circles for my flower clips, with some of the fabric I bought when I was in the States on holidays. So now my work area is featuring a progression of flower clips, from circles to halved circles to partial stitched to ready to trim. Not bad for a off handed couple of hours. 9th's season of Who was on Space, so I had that chattering happily in the background as I worked. I am completely dissatisfied with my button collection and therefore I need to start from scratch for centres for these flowers. I should have enough felt for awhile at least.

I think I'll set a goal, creatively speaking, to have all the cut pieces assembled into flowers by the end of the week. Would be nice to have a whole lot of them finished and stored in inventory. Makes me feel productive.

...I have just realized that sitting up in my closet shelf, there is a forgotten bag with two saris. Hello fabric. What do you want to be, today?

Ah well. Started watching Da Vinci's Demons last night. Halfway through the first season, and I like so far. I also like the costumes. There was one dress that had beaded... sleeve thingies that caught my interest. I "designed" something like it in a long buried sketch, and that's the first time I've seen them in a real life outfit. Nice to know they actually hang as I wanted them to. I might be able to incorporate those into something now.

That's all. Onwards to Monday.

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