Saturday, 30 November 2013

Reporting from the Nest

Well, I did indeed extract myself from the blanket. Success.

Updated my excel spreadsheet of awesome. (Have I mentioned I love that spreadsheet, much?) Reflected new profit margins, and made an adjustment to some of the pricing. It dropped my overall value of my current stock, but its more accurate than before.

I've also set up 15 flowers for construction. Matched them up with their layers and buttons, and I'm pleased with the colour combinations. Looking at these, I'm going to change the pricing to $8/flower, and 2/$15, mix and match, though I am going to try to make up some more duplicates, if I get more matching buttons. I'm also out of my red vintage ones which is shame because they work so well with the red and black flowers.

I do want to make some fascinators like the one I was commissioned for. Not sure if I will include the netting, because despite the fact it adds an awesome touch, the $8 add on is brutal and that's not even adding time/construction to make it into a veil. I'll have to check my profit margin to see if I can justify them. It does look very cool though...

Ah, back to it before I must head out.

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