Sunday, 24 November 2013

Gallifrey RISES!

A much less geeky person would have problems admitting that the first thought I had upon walking this morning was "Gallifrey Falls No More." I, on the other hand, am a big geek and have no problems admitting it.

I am, however the same person, who woke up yesterday and saw the snow outside and imediately thought: "It's not snow. It's only the ashes from an exploded Sycorax spaceship."

Ladies and Gentleman, Whovian I am to the core.


Let's talk Day of the Doctor. I am going to have to watch it again in order to critically analyze it. I know there were things that I missed. But, I fully enjoyed it. Or rather, I enjoyed it once I was able to process what I saw. I haven't always liked Moffat's story lines, (though I felt that some of his episodes he wrote in the Russel T. Davis years, were truly phenomenal) but I feel this really worked. I have to go through my headcannon and see how everything fits with the End of Time and such, and if it all comes up roses than all will be fine.

However, plot aside, I never needed a reminder how much I love 10, but really, all that episode did was cement that he's my favourite.

This does not diminish the effect that 11th regeneration will have on me. I will not likely handle it well. Having said that, I have already begun a small attachment to 12, if only for:

Your intense stare is a majestic thing, sir Capaldi.

Anyways. I would also like to rewatch it for... dun dun DA! The costumes! This being a costuming blog, I suppose I should bring it up. But the brief looks of the Time Lords and the Gallifreyan people was very intriguing, and I wish to pick apart their garments. They have a liking for red, and I am fond of the colour myself for haberdashery purposes. Having said that, I might have to wait until the DVD is out so I can pause it and screencape it but, it's not like I don't have a million other projects to work on in the meanwhile.

That's it. Moofy out.

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