Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Ideas of once upon a time

*neutral face*

I don't know if it's a good thing or bad thing that some costuming ideas never want to go away. Some ideas are just so ridiculous that they'll never take off, but then there are some that.... I don't really have the means to pull off, but are still technically doable, if all the stars were aligned. Those ones, some of those ones anyway, make me almost sad.

My project, "Gothic Ball" as we called it, was going to a dramatic group production, of monochromatic delight and dance. It was an idea way back in time, before I really had a handle on cosplaying as I do now. Then, I wouldn't have had the skill to pull it off. Now, I have a much better skill set, perhaps worthy of trying to pull it off. But for all that I have improved skills, I lack the key ingredient for such a group performance - The group. *sighes* Costuming can be a lonely art, I think.

Despite all that, I still want to properly design the costumes that should have be given life. My ideas of what everything should look like has massively changed over the years, seeing as I still have my original designs from... 2005 according to the date on the sketch. I favoured more... fantasy-like styles, I suppose, rather than the historical flavour I lean towards now. Probably have to do with more awareness of things like sewing patterns and crinolines. The only thing that hasn't changed is the quality of the art. Drawing. NOT my forte. Thank the sewing gods for that stencil.

Ah well, maybe once my time frees up, I'll venture back into the designing world. After all, Costume Con approaches. Justice must be done.

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