Friday, 8 November 2013

Thor: The Dark World

Sooo..... went to see Thor last night. As per tradition, the ladies and I got their extremely early fully ready to fight for control of the line-up. Turns out we were the line up, for the majority of the time. Huh. Not sure if I was pleased not having to fight for a seat, or dissapointed in the lack of fan voracity concuring the earliest viewing possible.

Regardless, in short. I enjoyed the movie immensely. Excellent humour, lots of action, and oh, the last scene after the credits. Especially the very very last moment. And Cap's cameo - Hilarity. I did honestly feel there could have been more of the actual villian in it, which seemed like more of plot device than an actual character. I really wanted to see more Eccleston since I was enjoying him in the villian role, but c'est la vie, I suppose.

Costumically (Costumery...costumayically...whatever) speaking, man do I want Jane's Asgardian dress/armour. I tried to find a good shot of it, but I think we're still a little too early on in the release to have clear shots of it. There was torques, there was silk embroidery, and it really gave me a Game of Thrones vibe, which I know realize makes perfect sense, seeing as the director is of the GoT game. Now, I get it. Still, I want reference pictures, so I can pick up apart and see what ideas we can get out it. Maybe there will be an Artbook one day? I do like Artbooks.....

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