Sunday, 17 November 2013


Yesterday, I went with two of my friends to Casa Loma for an archery tutorial.

Firstly, it was an excellent and informative tutorial in which I learned things, rather than just "Here's a bow. Shoot it." Case in point: We shot with Olympic Take down Recurve bows. Added point: The take down refers to the fact that you can take it apart..... not Take down as in "DUDE, I took down that rhino!!!!" It was clearly an easy mistake to make. Secondly, I wasn't awful! I hit the target, including that grapefruit sized balloon. Good thing too. It was mocking me.

I have now acquired a liking for it. It's probably half delusion of grandeur, but I am not the worst shot in the world, and perhaps if the zombies were to come, I'd be able to hold my own for.... 10 minutes at least.

Now, I have caught myself paying attention to all the tv shows I watch to study their form. XD

And, being who am I, have started to wonder "What would I ever wear if the need arose to defend myself from the forces of evil?" I am not surprised Merida's dress tore in Brave when shooting. But I am not above embracing my Scottish heritage and am now brainstorming funky yet appropriate costumes for archery.

My name is Moofy, and I am a great big costuming nerd.

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