Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Bwaha. Snow.

Ahhh, I love it. It's so pretty outside right now. Everything's covered in that perfect layer of white. This, (well, a little more than this) is exactly the look I want to use for whenever I photoshoot Red, from OUAT. All I need is this weather, an appropriate doggie, finish that bodice. Oops.

Anyways, plugging away at sorting out my ideas for Costume Con. I think part of the issue, is I've never actually had to build multiple costumes at once. I'm usually a one costume per con (or year) kinda gal. I know I want to make several outfits, but I'm having an issue locking them down because I have so many ideas - because I need so many ideas. It's rather conflicting.

The Historical Masquerade is good. I know what I'm doing for that, bar a few decorative details. Lots of work to be done, but the idea is solid and coherent.

The Sci-Fi Masquerade is not. Part of the issue is actually the single pattern contest. If that happens overlapping with the Friday Night Social, perhaps I don't need a separate outfit for that. But my idea for the pattern contest is such a different look than the Social. And I really want to do both. I debated about merging the two together and that wasn't a good look. Unless I opt out of the Single pattern contest and throw my ideas at the Sci-Fi Masq? Blerrrrrgh, I don't know. I think I need a timeline of events to see how that would work out, since I also don't want to spend the majority of my con in the hotel room getting dressed.

At least I've pretty much convinced myself I'm not going to enter the Future Fashion Folio. My plan was to enter the design phase rather than the sewing phase - which I've done. Mind you, knowing me that could change once the folio gets released, but other than that, I'm comfortable playing the role of designer rather than sewer. *fingers crossed*

.... Now my mind is attempting to cross two ideas again. No...wait, not going to work. I need to open up that pattern and take a look at the actual pieces. 'cause I need to see how far away from the actual pattern I can go.



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