Thursday, 14 November 2013

*cracks knuckles* Time to get organized


It's time to get creatively organized. We have very little time until Costume Con now, so I need to start getting my mind set together. While conquring Christmas, mind. 'Cause there always that.

Our first act of: Get Organized Moofy The Acquisition of a new rubber mallet for grommeting and all other mallet related jobs. Gertrude, my first mallet is deeeeeead. I actually feel bad for her, for all the pieces of rubber that fly off anytime I tried to use said mallet. So I have retired her in peace.... or pieces.

But now, there is a new mallet in my life. Stronger (I hope) than before! I have named it. LEVIATHAN! I hope that the ferocious name will impart it with strength and godlike powers I require of it.

I am well aware it should be called Mjolnir but I need to be a ferocious hammer, not a judgemental one.

Next.... I plan step two. My brainpower is still recovering from the last few weeks of awesome madness and therefore I have yet to come up with said step two. But I will. And it will be as glorious as Leviathan, the Rubber Mallet.

...But I think I'm going to watch the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who Mini-Episode again, first. JUST A WEEK A BIT LEFT!

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