Friday, 15 November 2013

Inspiration comes from all sources

I have little to no experience in theatrical makeup. Textiles are my choice of medium as an artisan, but I have a healthy respect for special effects makeup artists. As such, I've taken a liking to catching up on Face Off, the show on Space Channel.

Jeeze oh man. The things they can create.

This week's finale involved the creation of the principle dancers from Swan Lake. And while I can't do what they can, I can take away concepts and ideas. Mainly two: Asymmetry and Movement. Creating a striking profile that isn't equal from all sides, but using that difference to create something amazing. And movement? Costumes are not meant for mannequins, they're meant to live on a person. So why make them so static?

It's food for create thought. Vague food. But nonetheless thought provoking.

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