Thursday, 17 January 2013

Weekend approaching. Do you want to proceed? Y/N


I....should not drink coffee too late at night. Quotith myself to my friends in the car tonight: "I sound senile." And then I laughed, in a not to stable way. Glorious.


Plan on for fabric cutting this weekend. Going to get the cloak, skirt, and perhaps the bodice cut out and then it's just a matter of racing the bobbin thread to the end of the spool.

This is my baby, my glory. I have zero regrets about buying her.

Babylock Symphony. The Mothership of GLORY.
She's officially a year old now. Can't believe it. Can't believe it's been a year I haven't called a sewing machine foul things. It's very...liberating. I wonder what sort of madness Year Two will bring for the two of us?


So yeah, fabric cutting Saturday. Recovering from more Doctor Who on Friday Night. 007 Event at the TIFF on Sunday with Kashunga. Surpressed the urge to wear a tuxedo....only because I don't own one. The Bay Queen St. totally had one on sale two weeks ago too. Should work on my fashion folio sketch too. And get my laptop USB mouse working again. I drive this touchpad mouse like a drunk person.

Ooh, and my Auntie brought me more pins today. Now I have aqua tipped ones. :D My pin cushion is an occular delight.

I wonder if I should insert horsehair braid into the hood of the cloak? I mean, I do have all that from when I didn't use it on my Phoenix dress. I wonder if that will shape the hood better than just having it hang loosely. Though I will be wearing it tied underneath my armpits rather than around my neck. And I wonder if that hood is too small, and I should somehow make it larger? No idea how to do that though. I could always recut one as a test..... It's not like I don't have 2 extra metres of fabric after all.....

*rocks out to Guitar Hero III soundtrack*
*green green greenredredredblueblue....YELLOW*

The Gate of Time from Skyward of Sword needs to be made into something of a textile origin.

Other than my current desktop wallpaper. Could make an excellent t-shirt design,

Annnnd, enough rammbling for me tonight. For now.

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