Sunday, 27 January 2013

Tools of the Trade

This should go without saying, but having the right tools for the job makes things so much easier.

Case in point. Red's cloak needs ties to....tie. on. Y'know, make a strip of fabric, stitch, fold and then swear by every god known to mankind to invert the blasted thing. Some people like the chopstick method, others, the wooden spoon. I, have discovered greatness.

Bought 'em a few months ago when I was in the States. Went to JoAnn's and found fabric turner tubes. Three sizes. Comes with a tube and a dowel. In theory, one inserts the tube into the aforementioned fabric tube, then with a victorious war cry, jams the dowel through said tube and gracefully yanks on the fabric to invert it. And y' worked. Like....quickly. To the point where I sat in the chair staring at the now lovely proper fabric ties wondering why in the hell I haven't opened the package until now. Genius.

As such, I have made progress today. Outside of cape and lining sewn, hood pieces sewn, ties made, and now I just have to make like the Avengers and assemble it all together, in one glorious round of pinning and matching seams. Should be able to get it done this week then.

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