Sunday, 6 January 2013

Status Report

Goal 1 - Finished. Pattern pieces cut. Could use a good iron though

Goal 2 - Still need to email her. Do that tonight.

Goal 3 - Didn't make an account so much as looked at all the pretty fabrics and saved urls for ones I liked. (Brown with blue pinstripes, curses!)

Goal 4 - This was actually to clean the bathroom. I accomplished this. Go me.

Goal 5 - Started sketch. It's....going. I am not an artist. Inking this into line art is going to be...terrifying. Maybe I will also submit an accessory design that is unrelated.

Goal 6 - Watch another episode. Oh, would you look at that, I did! And the Rose Bowl Parade from a week back. And then had to reset my iPad because it just died randomly. Fixed it though, thank goodness.

Once Upon a Time is back on tonight. Cap'n Hook in Storybrooke, awwww yeah. C'mon more fun costumes, I so don't have time or money to make. Unless you want to give me something that works with all the fabric I already possess. Because that would be some kind of brillant.

Ugh. Glasses smudge. Oh, Shamie, Shamie, wherefort thou are ya, Shamie?

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