Saturday, 19 January 2013

And, success.

Okay! So, I made some headway on this year's projects. Went to my Aunt's friend's house and borrowed her huge cutting table, and associated workroom and therefore Red's cloak, skirt, and bodice pieces have been cut out, (bar the interfacing for the bodice, which I can do at home.). Now I can start sewing them together.

Matching the pattern on the fabric was a pain though. Most of what I make is either plain unpattern material, or if it does, the pieces to cut out are all straight edges pieces, that require little to no matching. In this case, especially the bodice, and those freaking crosswise folds that make my head hurt....

Ah well. Fabric cut. Sewing can begin.

Also picked up a nice 4m of embroidered taffeta at Fabricland during the sale. $6 instead of $28. I'd call that a success. Didn't get a chance to go through the patterns though. Probably good though, or I would have impulsively bought patterns for 10th despite not having finished researching it.

Ah well. Allons-y!

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