Tuesday, 8 January 2013

That pleat.

Did I figure it out? I dunno. I think I figured it out. I made a few tester pieces (aka, scraps of receipt paper cut to look like the back panel of a coat) and randomly stapled it in places. It looks like it would work. No idea how that would change if the coat was lined, and lining it up with the vent down the back. Huh.  Needs more dakka research.

No luck locating a pashmina scarf for Red. Not that I've been looking exhaustively, but there's nothing in the mall, that I can see. Might just have to be one of those things that is always on the back on the mind.

Test lifted my fabric rubbermaid today. It's very heavy. Yet, I feel like I have no fabric. I horde, apparently. Though I do have a particularly long length of a white.... tablecloth like fabric? Not sure what you would classify it as other than tablecloth on christmas dinner fabric. When I saw it I felt like it should be made into:

Orielle's Cape, from Skyward Sword. I totally have a yellow shirt that would work for that. Totally.
Can't wait for that artbook to come in. Jan 29th is the release date. Hopefully it won't take too long after to arrive. ...Mainly for the manga. <3

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