Monday, 7 January 2013

Seams and things

Sometimes my mind can get stuck on things when I'm working on, or planning costumes. Usually at work, when left brain is on autopilot and right brain is left to her own devices.

For example, I was trying to figure out how to insert that back pleat into Tenth's coat, on a pattern that did not have one. Thought I figured it out, until I test folded paper. It...didn't work. Back to the drawing board.

Other thoughts included finishing seams on my Red skirt. I've done the overcasting of the edges before, and while that finishes the edges, I'm worried that the points on the seam that the hook and eye is suppose to go, will pull on the delicate but heavy velvet. Thinking of making them flatfell and having them finished on the outside, using that thicker layered seam for that tack point. The seams don't have curve, so it should be relatively easy to do.

Better than the one other time I did a flatfell. Circa.... 2000? 2001?  Using stretch velour on a curved hood? Which involved a bar of soap ducktaped to a soccer ball in order to get it to shape? That was special. I'd like to think that my abilities have grown since grade 10 but, eh, who knows?

Also, I reeeeeally need to get started on this years projects. I have two outfits to do this year, and four for next year, those which need to be done for April. Somehow I need to budget these out of my non-impressive funds.  Fingers crossed I can get into Crafter's Corner at Animenorth. Other hand fingerscrossed that I have things to sell that WILL sell. Otherwise all my dearest and closest are getting spats, cuffs and other rufflely things for christmas and birthdays for the next forever.

Hm. I need to test the spat sizes. I require tester ankles. Hardly weirder than asking for wrist and forearm widths for the cuffs I have yet to start making. Oh, and neck sizes. One must have ALL the variables.

Oh, and organize your receipts, kid. Your purse is a mess.
And lay off the impulse buying.
....Though my mission was a success. Incoming Doctor Who collection. Bwaha....


  1. We need to sit down and seriously go over our mermaid costumes....

    1. I have the pattern. We can dissect it into the pieces and take a looksie at what new and wonderous things can be done to them.