Sunday, 6 January 2013

An attempt to plan to attempt to be productive.

Well, I've watched the first two and a quarter seasons of Doctor Who and managed to survive at the price of part of the tiny remains of my sanity, tempered by the commentary log I've been emailing my poor, poor friend who got me into this, for the past four days. There have been a lot of metaphorical table flippings.

Anyhoo. Feeling moderately capable of not watching the rest of the episodes I currently possess (and lamenting that the 41 disc limited edition is completely sold out everywhere) for at least..... a few hours, I going to attempt to be product on a creative sort - despite the fact that mudane things like tidying one's room are tecihincally more important.

Goal 1! Cut out the pattern pieces for Red's cloak, bodice and skirt. I need to get cracking on her outfit, especially if I want to furfill the fangirl dream of races majestically through the snow covered woods. Seeing as this is most snow we've have in.... years it feels, I'm not so sure it's going truly last that long.

Goal 2! Plan when to go to my aunt's friend's place to cut out said fabric for the above projects. The stitching part for the cloak and skirt should be pretty straightforward since all big, straight stitched pieces. The bodice might give me trouble in matching the fabric pattern and then the fitting as always. (I swear every bodice pattern I have made thinks I am shaped like a barrel and not a woman)

Goal 3! Investigate creating a spoonflower account and the ordering of the sample swatches to determine if the fabric types would be suitable for future projects of mine and my comrades in costumery.

Goal 4!  I don't remember what it was.

Goal 5! Start on my future fashion folio submission! TO THE STENCIL!

That....will keep me busy for awhile. Let's see how much I can actually get done.

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