Saturday, 26 January 2013

Progress? More or less? Probably less.

Yeah... haven't made as much progress on Red as I planned at this point. Not counting the four lines of staystitching, I've sewn one seam on my cloak. So much for having it mostly done by this point. Hopefully I can knock off a bunch tomorrow and get it looks remotely like a cloak. Really would like to get started on the skirt this week. More I can get done now, the more time I have to do other things such a...well, more projects. Never ending, really.

I need to go pattern searching again. I always have random ideas floating around, so I like to keep a repitoire of pattern images saved in case one of them works for something.

Annnnnd a jaw cracking yawn. I should hit the hay sooner rather than later, but there was something I was going to search for once I got home tonight, but the copious amounts of food and travel has reduced my brain capacity down to minimum. Hopefully I won't remember in the middle of night, because the iPad screen brightness can only go down so low.

Oh, and rip that CD to my hardrive. Gotta do that.

Oh again, reminding self for later on the party theme of "All the things"


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